TMLP Solar Rebate Available in Taunton, Raynham, Berkley, & North Dighton

TMLP Solar Rebate Taunton MAThe Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant (TMLP) offers a very generous rebate for solar installations within its service area in Massachusetts.   The TMLP service area includes Taunton, Raynham, Berkley, and North Dighton in addition to sections of Lakeville and Bridgewater.  TMLP was founded in 1897 as a municipal electric utility within Taunton, Massachusetts.  Presently, TMLP provides a wide range of services, including electricity and internet, to the greater Taunton area.

Because TMLP is a municipal utility, they are not necessarily included in Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) and the state rebate programs.  TMLP had a choice to opt-in to the state’s Commonwealth Solar II rebate program for a fee of $360,000 to finance green energy projects around the state.  TMLP decided instead to direct $350,000 to its own solar rebate program.  Residents within these communities may also use the Mass Solar Loan to finance the solar installation.  With both incentives, solar panels would be an unbelievable investment in Taunton, Raynham, Berkley, or North Dighton.

“Once we joined the MTC, we couldn’t have controlled how the money was spent,” said TMLP commissioner Mark Blackwell. “I know some circles of the TMLP were criticized for not joining the MTC. But the MTC wasn’t going to have a direct effect on our rate payers.”  Mr. Blackwell explained that the more solar installations that are put into service, the greater demand it will offset during the summer peak load.  This is beneficial for all TMLP consumers because it will decrease the energy that the company is contractually obligated to generate.

Our company completed a project in Taunton and has experience working with the TMLP to commission a solar installation.  As opposed to the Massachusetts Commonwealth Solar II rebate, the TMLP solar rebate program is extremely straightforward and a much less time-consuming process.  For residents and solar installers, this means that you can get a solar system installed rather quickly and pain-free.

Below I included some FAQ’s from TMLP’s website:

Who can apply for a TMLP solar rebate?

  • A TMLP residential customer with active service.
  • Owner of record of the property where the installation will occur.
  • Residential customer for 6 months or more with no overdue arrears.

Are there any restrictions?

  • Only one rebate per customer per year.
  • Customer must be the future owner of the PV project and consumer of the electricity generated by the PV installation.

Who does the work?

How do I submit an application?

If the application is deemed complete and eligible, the applicant will be sent a TMLP Net Metering and Interconnection Agreement document and Net Metering Application via US mail or email. Customer will be notified if application is incomplete or ineligible.

How much is the TMLP Solar Rebate?

The rebate calculation is based on the size of the total PV installation per building, regardless of the number of meters used. The rebate is calculated as total installation wattage times $1.50 per watt, up to $4,500 maximum.

For example, a 3 KW system equals 3,000 watts times $4.00 equals a $4,500 rebate. Rebates will be sent as a check. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing.

Are there any tax burdens when receiving a rebate?

Rebates may be subject to Federal and/or state income tax reporting. The applicant is responsible for contacting a qualified tax advisor to determine tax liability. TMLP is not responsible for any tax consequences of the solar rebate program.

Will I be eligible for any other solar incentives?

Yes, you would be eligible for the Federal Tax Credit, Massachusetts Personal Tax CreditSRECs, and the Mass Solar Loan Program.

How can I apply for a TMLP Solar Rebate?

You can work with your solar installer, such as Brightstar Solar, to get a free solar evaluation of your home and complete the solar rebate application to obtain project approval.  All Project Completion paperwork, including contractor sign off and all invoices, must be submitted and approved by TMLP for rebate processing.