The Importance of a NABCEP Certified PV Installer

Although regional and state incentive programs may have varying Ievels of licensing and technical requirements to perform photovoltaic (PV) solar work, there is one voluntary certification program that provides a national standard of excellence for industry professionals.  The certification has come to be known as the most meaningful credential a solar energy professional can achieve.  NABCEP, or the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals, administers PV installer credentialing as well as certification programs for small wind and solar thermal. 

In order to obtain the PV certification, applicants must meet experience prerequisites and a pass a rigorous exam encompassing PV system design, installation, safety, project management, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.  It is important for potential customers to note that NABCEP also has a PV Entry Level program that tests the fundamentals of a PV system.  This is different from the PV Installer certification because the entry level program does not include an experience component and the exam is less demanding.   

There are 100 NABCEP certified PV Installers in New England as of May 19, 2011, but here is a breakdown of the number of NABCEP PV installers by state:

Massachusetts – 59

Connecticut – 13

Rhode Island – 5

New Hampshire – 6

Maine – 17

Of the more than 14 million people living in New England, only 100 have obtained the NABCEP certification.  This is an elite list of industry professionals that have the credentials to be a project manager on a residential or commercial PV project.

NABCEP PV Installer certification is tied to individuals rather than a company.  If you work with a larger solar company, they may have certified installers, but they may not be tied specifically to your project.  Brightstar Solar guarantees at least one NABCEP certified PV installer will be on-site at all times during construction of your system.  We work with residential, commercial, and public customers in Massachusetts and Connecticut to navigate the installation process and maximize solar financing and incentive opportunities.  If you are interested in learning more about how solar power can offset your electricity demand for your home or business in Massachusetts or Connecticut, please contact us for a free evaluation of your site.