Energy Conservation: 20 Simple Ways to Make a Big Difference

The path to a sustainable future is using renewable technologies, but it starts with energy conservation.  I wanted to outline some simple ways we can all conserve more energy.  If the entire population adopted these practices, it would make a large impact on our energy consumption. 

  1. Set your thermostat at 68 degrees F in the winter and 78 degrees F in the summer (health permitting)
  2. Install a timer for your thermostat or manually adjust it when you leave your home or go to bed.
  3. Lower your water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees F
  4. Only run a full dishwasher or full load of laundry
  5. Turn off the water when you can during  brushing your teeth, dish washing, etc.
  6. Air dry dishes instead using your dishwasher’s dryer cycle
  7. Take shorter, less hot showers 
  8. Buy a water heater blanket to keep your water heater insulated
  9. Install aerators on faucets, ultra-low flow toilets, and water-saving shower heads
  10. Buy a front-loader washing machine instead of a top-loader
  11. Switch your laundry cycle from warm/hot to cool/cold
  12. Hang dry your laundry instead of using a clothes dryer
  13. When you do use your clothes dryer,  make sure to keep the lint filter clean
  14. When a lightbulb needs to be changed, replace it with a CFL instead of an incandescent bulb
  15. Buy high-efficiency ENERGY STAR-rated appliances
  16. Turn off lights and appliances (computers, televisions, etc) when not in use
  17. Place home entertainment electronics on a power strip and turn off the power strips when media is not in use
  18. Weatherize your home by insulating your attic and walls
  19. Clean or replace filters for your AC or furnace regularly
  20. Use a fan instead of AC whenever possible

These are just a short list of many ways you can have a more energy-efficient home or business and SAVE MONEY.  Most of these tips are easy to implement and you will see the return immediately. Others require a little more time and investment, but the savings will be worth it over time.  As a solar contractor, I believe strongly in renewable fuels, but they need to be augmented by energy efficiency and conservation.